What is this about?

This is a website about convivial technologies.
I develop the notion ‚convivial technology‘ in my PhD project (2011-2017) at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.
For some insights into my first research findings, please have a look at my English article in the ‚Journal of Cleaner Production‘: The Matrix of Convivial Technology. Unfortunately it is not Open Access, as I could not afford to pay thousands of Euros to make it open access. I decided anyway to publish it in this form because it is part of a special issue on ‚Degrowth&Technology‘.

I intend to transform this website into an online-tool for a self-assessment of technologies according to the Matrix of Convivial Technology (MCT). If you are a designer, software developer, engineer or other interested person who wants to help doing this, please contact me: a.vetter[at]convivialtechnology.org